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Providing a strong and proven solution is a process that only time and skill can garner.


Our expertise in the industry is the core foundation of our solutions. We provide a well-defined process .

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Time is valuable for our client and for us. We understand how every fraction of the second counts for our client, and so we try to complete the project before the deadline.

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At, AstraStack we are more dedicated in providing a solution that works. Simplicity works best anytime.

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Lastly, our excellent customer centric services are a number one reason that our old clients are still with us, and we are gaining new trusts as well. We look forward to serve you. Only you have to trust us.

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About AstraStack Technologies

AstraStack focus mostly to transform our client's dream to a reality. Our mission is to help achieve our client’s business objective on an overall aspect. We strive to attend excellence in our work but offering what our customers want and need is the prime most criteria of our service.

We set a constant innovation to achieve an ultimate peak of success as our service. Our vision is to provide a first rate quality service and solution.

Meeting the requirements to expand and propel the professional businessgrowth and development is our top most vision.

Technology that brings teams together

— Intelligent apps that help you do your best work.

At AstraStack,

one of India's largest Home Automation Companies, we create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, peace of mind and saves energy.

We provide complete Automation Solutions under one roof like Home Automation, Security & Safety, and Office Automation & Agro Automation, everything at single touch on your Smart Phone.


Providing the right (access to the right) content at the right time through the right channels etc. , shaping relevant experiences, plays a key role in all customer-facing – and other – evolutions: social business, social media marketing, content marketing, integrated marketing, marketing automation, closed-loop marketing, you name it.

It’s just one part of what digital business is about. But information is crucial in many digital business areas, outside marketing and customer-facing functions too. It’s essential.

School Automation Software

will be designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration.

It is an interactive platform for all entities of Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, Parents. The best thing about school management software is that it integrates all the departments, processes and functions of school by consolidating respective information on a central server, which helps in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information, making the task more streamlined and organized. This, in turn, helps school management to take prompt decision.

Here Comes the Bus®

and Student Ridership are a great way for school districts to help build better communication and goodwill between parents and administrators.

Now, parents won’t have to call the district wondering where the bus is, or worried that their child didn’t get on it. They will receive notifications that the bus is near, and that their child safely boarded the bus. In the afternoon, parents will know that their child got off at the right stop. Putting information in your parent’s hands has never been easier.

A workshop on "INTERNET OF THINGS" and "Robotics"

Internet of Things is a new revolution of the Internet. A world where the real, digital and the virtual are converging to create smart environments that make energy, transport, cities and many other areas more intelligent. A device become a smart device is called IOT. Now a days there are many android and server based application.

In this system, value of sensor (e.g. temperature sensor, motion sensor, accelerometer sensor etc.) will be shown on GUI or web server or android application through wireless communication and device will be controlled automatically.Device will be operated on Wifi/GPRS.

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