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Astrastack specializes in technological and IT-related services such as blockchain development, application development, infrastructure and software support and maintenance, data center management, and other initiatives. etc.
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IT staff augmentation is your opportunity to engage third-party qualified resources in your IT projects and avoid hiring and onboarding full-time employees.

Managed infrastructure services can comprise continuous monitoring, migration, support, optimization and evolution of outsourced IT infrastructure or its parts.

Software development outsourcing means handing over all or some software development processes to a third-party vendor while keeping the desired degree of control over the project.

A help desk is a resource that is typically provided by an organization to help its users with technology-related issues. These can include hardware problems, software issues, connectivity problems, and other technical difficulties. The help desk is staffed by trained professionals who can diagnose and resolve these issues, and who can also provide guidance on best practices for using technology effectively.

Application services include app development, support, cloud migration, modernization, integration, security management, and more.

Approach to IT Service Delivery

Flexible pricing options
  1. Fixed price. 
  2. Best for: feasibility study, PoC, small projects.

  3. Time & Material (with a cap). 
  4. Best for: advisory; large-scale or flexible projects.

  5. Per-ticket pricing. 
  6. Best for: L1, L2 support.

  7. Fixed monthly fee. 

Best for: L3 support (in-code changes).

Quarterly service improvements
  1. Regular roadmap revision (stated business needs vs. current business needsvalue we bring vs. highest possible value, etc.).
  2. Proactive approach: we analyze processes/solutions and suggest adding improvements and possible competitive advantages.
  3. Anticipating, openly communicating and effectively managing potential stumbling blocks in cooperation.
Ensured IT cost reduction
  1. Offshore outsourcing.
  2. Advanced techs for best ratio of business value.
  3. AgileDevOps, shift-left QA approach, test automation.
  4. Cloud resource consumption optimization.
  5. Increased team efficiency due to established project management practices.
  6. Resources with lower rates work on routine tasks; resources with low performance are replaced.
Visibility and KPI-based results

We define the goals you want to achieve and ensure service transparency via reports on:

  1. Use of resources (actual vs. planned).
  2. Current issues & potential risks.
  3. Team productivity and service quality KPIs, etc.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success

Outsourcing Service Options

Full-service IT outsourcing
Outsource any IT tasks (development, support, management, etc.) to Astrastack - and we will make sure to deliver the best outcomes.
Co-sourcing with an in-house IT team
Delegate your IT operations and execution of new IT-related business initiatives to ScienceSoft - and let your team focus on other tasks.
Co-sourcing with other vendors
Strengthen your IT vendor ecosystem with ScienceSoft as an experienced professional in any IT domain that may require vendor assistance.