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Blockchain Development Services

Astrastack's blockchain development services enable the creation of decentralized software that offers complete traceability and security of data and transactions. Our team of experts can provide your company with comprehensive guidance and hands-on support for custom blockchain app development. With our IT services, you can leverage the benefits of blockchain technology and build secure, scalable, and reliable decentralized applications.
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Revolutionizing Industries with Blockchain Solutions.

Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
BaaS is a managed blockchain platform allowing users to build applications/ digital services on a distributed network while the Baas provider supplies infrastructure and blockchain-building tools.
Web 3.0 Game Development
Web3 game development is the process of creating decentralized games that run on blockchain networks. Here, the game platform and game components, or the entire game ecosystem, are hosted on a specific blockchain, unhackable and fully decentralized.
Secured Email system
Secured Email system single-point platform to create and send super-protected emails (across the globe). Signup using biometrics (face recognition, thumb impression, eye scan) and password.
Blockchain networks

Secure and scalable decentralized ecosystems with minimized downtime:

  1. Permission-based networks.
  2. Permissionless networks.
Asset tokenization platforms

Decentralized platforms that allow users to create, manage and trade their asset-backed tokens:

  1. NFT platforms.
  2. Security token issuance platforms.
Blockchain-based market platforms

Peer-to-peer platforms for transparent, fraud-free transactions between the parties: 

  1. DeFi platforms. 
  2. Decentralized marketplaces.
Smart contracts

Protocols that guarantee the integrity of multi-party agreements and automatically enforce fixed obligations.

Crypto assets
  1. Custom cryptocurrencies.
  2. Crypto tokens: NFTs, security, utility, governance, reward, etc.

Encrypted peer-to-peer applications with no single point of failure and zero downtime.

Blockchain-based platforms for collaborative decision-making across communities with no central authority.
Cross-chain bridges
Decentralized solutions that enable compatibility of crypto assets across different blockchain platforms.
Crypto wallets
Digital wallets for storing and transacting various types of crypto assets.

Build Your Own Blockchain Solution with Astrastack

Blockchain consulting
  1. A business case for blockchain implementation.
  2. An optimal feature set, architecture design, and tech stack for the blockchain solution.
  3. The proof of concept development.
  4. Preparing a plan of integrations with required software.
  5. Blockchain security and compliance consulting.
  6. Delivering a roadmap for blockchain system implementation, including a risk mitigation plan.
Blockchain development
  1. Blockchain software conceptualization.
  2. Blockchain architecture design.
  3. Blockchain development.
  4. Blockchain integration, including cross-chain integration.
  5. Quality assurance.
  6. User training.
  7. Blockchain software support and evolution (if required).

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Blockchain Use Cases

Supply chain and logistics management
Faster validation and execution of supplier contract obligations, transparent goods provenance tracing and monitoring, enhanced supply protection, and more for a streamlined supply chain cycle with reduced disruption risks.
Financial transaction management
Secure and fast payment, lending, currency exchange transactions with no intermediary services. Reduced fraud, minimized delays, and zero lost agreement opportunities in trade finance and commodity trading due to the use of smart contracts.
Health record management
Unchangeable, HIPAA-compliant recordkeeping, secure transfer of sensitive data between multiple healthcare providers for quick and accurate patient diagnosis and effective treatment. Safe and easy medical record sharing with patients.
Asset management
Immutable asset records for various industries, from media and luxury retail to real estate and additive manufacturing. It helps provide proof of ownership and prevent fraud and counterfeiting.
Identity and access management
Irrevocable credential data and a zero-knowledge proof encryption scheme to prevent unauthorized access to the company data, networks, apps or devices.
Document management
Safe document sharing, guaranteed legal compliance, easy record validation due to end-to-end traceability of document manipulations, from creation and editing to viewing and sharing.
Marketplace management
Secure multi-seller access, immutable record of all marketplace transactions for improved order and payment traceability, faster and less costly payments.
Insurance claim management
Fast and accurate claim validation, assessment and payment, transparent resolution of claim disputes with reduced manual work to cut claim handling costs.
Electronic voting
Easy vote verification, secure vote storage and transparent vote counting for credible, incorruptible voting and improved voter engagement.

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